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Better Drivers

Project Type: Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in adult education (KA210-ADU)

Project Name: Enabling Urban Passenger Drivers to Provide an Integrated Service

Project Partner: Institut Prvi Korak, Croatia

Project Start Date: October 2022

We’ve all taken an Uber from time to time. It’s not just a ride from point A to point B. It’s a service offered by the driver and the transport company that’s slightly more complex than just that. It also implies human interaction. Therefore, soft skills are crucial in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, TCD drivers have also reported various non-technical and non-driving related issues while on the road, which need to be addressed.

To tackle these challenges, we have initiated an educational project for European drivers in partnership with Institut Prvi Korak and funded by the Erasmus+ program. Through a series of training sessions, our drivers will develop their soft skills and learn techniques on how to deal with difficult situations.

With all the feedback and information gathered before, during and after the training period, a digital standardised guide will be created to help each European driver with providing more efficacious services.

Visit the project’s website for more information.